All your goals in one place.

Strides: Goals & Habits Tracker

Tracking the progress you make on goals and habits takes too much time, and isn't flexible enough. Strides make it easier with custom alerts & quick tracking, and you can track everything in one place.

Track Anything. Literally.

Strides is totally flexible so you can track your goals and habits however you want with 4 types of trackers: Target, Habit, Average & Milestones.

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Movies done right.


Never miss a good movie again. CinemaList makes it super easy to discover movies, add them to lists, share lists, figure out what movie to watch, and even how to watch it (Theater, iTunes, Amazon, etc).

The silver screen on any screen.

CinemaList works on all devices, so you can add a movie to a list wherever you are. Ready to watch? You can even see which movies are on everyone's list to make it easy to choose, then get tickets or watch on iTunes or Amazon.